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Animal Technical Rescue

Healthy Horses Conference 2020

UF VETS Animal Technical Rescue

This recorded presentation provides an overview for horse owners about animal technical rescue and how the UF VETS team works to better prepare the state of Florida for these types of emergencies.

Straight from the horse doctor’s mouth

Emergency Technical Rescue for Horses

Hosts Justin Long and Dr. Erica Lacher meet with Brandi Phillips to discuss emergency technical rescue for horses and what horse owners can expect in an emergency.
Season 3 Episode 07

Disaster Response


Deconstruct This: Resources for Disaster Response

Dr. Larry Garcia and Brandi Phillips discuss resources for disaster response training and community networking so veterinary professionals can be an asset to clients and the rest of the community when disaster strikes.


Deconstruct This: Preparing for Disasters

Dr. Larry Garcia and Brandi Phillips discuss the operations of the UF VETS team, as well as tips for preparing for a disaster as a pet owner and how veterinarians can help clients prepare.


Emergency and Disaster Response in a Pandemic

Dr. Larry Garcia and Brandi Phillips discuss operational changes for animal emergency and disaster response during COVID-19.