Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners

Dr. Lawrence Garcia of the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine explains how pet owners can create a natural disaster plan with their pets in mind.
09:10 minutes

UF/IFAS Pie center

Large Animal Emergency Training

The UF VETS team works with veterinary groups, fire rescue teams, and other Florida-based organizations to deliver trainings and help them prepare for large animal technical emergencies. This video will give you an idea of what these trainings entail, and includes tips on how to better prepare for large animal emergencies.
03:20 minutes

Knot Tying Tutorials

ties for Animal Technical Rescue

Figure 8

The figure 8 serves as a stopper knot, and the foundation for the family of 8s.

Ties for animal technical rescue

Figure 8 on a Bight

A figure 8 on a bight provides an attachment point at the end of a rope.

Ties for animal technical rescue

Figure 8 Follow Through

Used to tie a rope around an anchor point.

Ties for Animal Technical Rescue


Used to create a mid-line attachment point, good for multi-directional pulls.

Ties for animal technical rescue

Prusik Loop with Double Fisherman’s Bend

Create a prusik loop in accessory cord used in rope rescue applications.

Ties for animal technical rescue

Triple Wrap Prusik Hitch

Create rope grabs or progress capture in rope rescue systems.

Ties for animal technical rescue

Water Knot/Ring Bend

Used to join two ends of webbing