Volunteer to Deploy

Faculty, staff, and students with the UF College of Veterinary Medicine may volunteer to deploy with the VETS team with permission from their department/supervisors. Joining the volunteer list does not guarantee or obligate deployment response, but does provide the team with a targeted list to contact when a mission request is issued. Relevant information about each deployment will be shared as the team receives a mission request, including duration of the operation, location, and volunteer duties.

Recommended Packing List: Disaster Go Bag.

The below form should be updated annually to reflect availability and interest of any potential volunteers. Please contact Brandi Phillips at brandikphillips@ufl.edu if you have any questions.

Deployment Volunteer Form

Please submit the below information to be added the VETS team volunteer list for deployment.

Months Available for Deployment(Required)
Identify which months you are most likely to have availability to deploy.
Primary Team Function

Please identify any additional skill sets you have that may be valuable in the event of deployment (e.g. previous experience in emergency response, certifications in human CPR/first aid/EMS, ability to drive a truck and trailer, mechanical skills/training, record keeping, etc.).
Which of the following FEMA trainings have you completed?(Required)
This information will not preclude your participation in a deployment, but will inform us of how to find ways to meet your needs while in areas where typical access to food may be limited.
By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have a current affiliation (student/staff member/faculty) with the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.(Required)