First Responder ATR Training Scholarship

What is the First Responder ATR Training Scholarship?

While the UF VETS team is proud to offer grant funded trainings sponsored by Florida SART each year, other trainings must be self-funded by participants or their departments. This creates a barrier to access for many first responders, particularly those in rural areas with limited resources.

The First Responder ATR Training Scholarship is intended to provide the opportunity for first responders to receive operations level training to support ATR emergencies in their communities. With the support of donations, scholarships will be offered as they are available to qualified individuals selected by a panel of VETS team members.

What is Included in the Scholarship?

Individuals will be awarded participation in one open enrollment operations level training. Each scholarship is valued at $600.

Thanks to our generous hosts at the Florida State Fire College, scholarship recipients will also receive 3 nights of free lodging at the Florida State Fire College dormitory while attending the training.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible first responders must be actively affiliated with Florida municipal or county emergency services. Applications must include a letter of recommendation from a supervisor.

We encourage any and all interested first responders to complete an application. However, the goal of this scholarship is to provide support for areas with the greatest need. With this scholarship, we hope to reach responders in rural areas, areas with limited ATR resources and capabilities, and areas with a history of livestock and animal rescue related events.

When Will the Application Open?

Applications will be opened when funding is available and the date for an open enrollment training has been identified.

How Can I Support This Scholarship?

Donate here to support training for a first responder. Each scholarship is $600, but smaller contributions from multiple donors build this capacity!

Want to support an entire team? Contact Brandi Phillips ( to discuss funding a training for the county or region of your choosing.