Danger Disguised as a Duckling

Law enforcement officers are often called upon by members of the public to assist animals in storm drains. Learn how to protect and serve furred and feathered friends without compromising officer safety.

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Best Management Practices for Equines in Natural Disasters

Irvine, Kelsey & Phillips, Brandi (February 22, 2023)
This guide provides tips for horse owners to prepare their horse for natural disasters including water and feed, documentation, fence and pasture preparations, animal identification, vaccinations, insurance, biosecurity, animal technical rescue, and post-disaster recovery.

Florida state agricultural response team

Florida Disaster Preparedness Guide for Animals and Agriculture

This guide explores the various animal and agricultural sectors in the state of Florida that are at risk from natural and man-made disasters, and what you can do to help prepare and protect animals and agriculture before a disaster strikes. The recommendations, checklists and resources in this guide are applicable to preparing for all hazards such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires, disease introduction, hazardous material spills, and more.