How We Deploy

Disaster Response Team

The UF VETS Disaster Response Team deploys when activated by the State of Florida through FDACS and SART under Emergency Support Function 17. Our team does not self-deploy; rather we play an integral role with other members of a multi-agency coordination group. This ensures that resources are allocated in the most efficient and effective ways to provide response to areas in need. Missions are assigned based on needs identified by county emergency management departments and assessments conducted by state officials.

If your area may be in need of veterinary support, begin by requesting assistance with resources through your local emergency management department.

Animal Technical Rescue Team

The UF VETS Animal Technical Rescue Team responds when activated by emergency service providers and veterinarians within a 2-hour radius of the College. The team is intended to support responding veterinarians, fire/EMS, and law enforcement on scene. Local emergency response agencies or veterinarians can request assistance by contacting Brandi Phillips at 727-735-5109.

The ATR team does not provide veterinary care or services, but can provide specialized equipment and trained personnel to safely and effectively respond to technical rescue emergencies in conjunction with the animal’s primary veterinarian.

Upon encountering an animal emergency, please contact your veterinarian and 911 for assistance.

Photo of a horse rescue from floodwater
Horses trapped in floodwater in High Springs following Hurricane Irma were rescued in a coordinated effort between UF VETS, SART partners and the National Guard.