Disaster Response

The UF VETS team can provide assistance within the state to meet a variety of needs. UF VETS can also be requested through EMAC (Emergency Management Assistance Compact) to another state during a major disaster.

Assessment or Logistics Support

UF VETS can deploy a rapid response assessment team consisting of a team leader, team members, trucks, and a base camp trailer to support the team with food, shelter, and power. The team will also be able to carry sufficient fuel and water to be self-contained.

Photo of the team assessing shelter
The team assesses a shelter following a hurricane.

Deployable Field Hospital

UF VETS can deploy a hospital team to include a team leader, patient care teams, pharmacy support, team logistics, as well as technical rescue and assessment resources including trucks, a base camp trailer, a field hospital equipment trailer, and field hospital treatment tents. The team will also be able to carry sufficient fuel, water, and food to be self-contained. The field hospital has limited diagnostic capability (no advanced radiography or lab equipment). The field hospital often hosts volunteer veterinarians and veterinary technicians registered with the Florida Veterinary Corps. Deployment of the field hospital may be in conjunction with a shelter team.

Click here to register to volunteer with the Florida Veterinary Corps.

Photo of a patient exam
The team examines a patient in the field hospital.

Previous Missions and Deployments

  • Hurricane Charley – 2004
  • Hurricane Frances – 2004
  • Hurricane Jeanne – 2004
  • Hurricane Wilma – 2005
  • Equine Herpesvirus Outbreak (South Florida) – 2006
  • Bugaboo Fires (North Florida) – 2007
  • Animal Impoundment (Hendry County) – 2009
  • Canine Emergency Shelter (Sumter County) – 2010
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (Panhandle) – 2010
  • Cat Hoarding Operation (Alachua County) – 2011
  • Hurricane Matthew (North Florida) – 2016
  • Hurricane Irma (Key West) – 2017
  • Canine Hoarding Operation (Dixie County) – 2020
  • Hurricane Ian (Fort Myers) – 2022

Help Support Disaster Response

UF VETS is primarily funded through grants and donations. Supplies, equipment, generators, tents, trailers, air conditioners, and trucks must be maintained to ensure that we are prepared to deploy during a disaster. Your support helps us to keep our team trained and assets ready for the next event. We appreciate your support!

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